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7 Reasons To Visit Thekkady in July

7 Reasons to Visit Thekkady in 2016There are a thousand opinions on the Internet about the places to visit in Kerala, and a million more on places to visit in India. This article is about the awesomely amazing reasons to make Thekkady (Kerala, India) your travel destination. Many tourists limit their visit to the beaches of Kerala (which are magnificent, by the way). But there's more to Kerala than beaches, and going to the mountains isn't such a bad idea. Without further ado, here are 7 reasons why you should visit Thekkady when you go to Kerala.



      1. It is quieter
        We're not trying to dispel the argument that India is not a quiet country. But India truly is a country of contrasts and contradictions. Thekkady is a warm and pleasant town. Most visitors to Thekkady would recommend the place to anyone looking for a quiet holiday amid vibrant greenery. Since the tourism programmes in the region are part of the community based eco-tourism project, commendable effort has gone into protecting Thekkady's pristine ecosystem while generating revenue through tourism. There are a lot of small streets, away from the busy town centre and closer to the forest, where your ears won't be assaulted by the cacophony of deafening vehicle horns. Hotel Tigers Roare' is perhaps in the quietest spot (No one has said otherwise, not yet) in Thekkady. 
      2. Monsoon makes Thekkady special 
        Monsoons in India are truly a rhapsody of bliss, beauty and relief from the scorching summer sun and they are meant to be savoured. And what better place to do just that than Thekkady. The place turns colorful and vibrant with rich greenery and amazing wildlife. Monsoon travel is not be shied away from, and Thekkady will make you realize why.
      3. Know what it's like to live in the forest
        Don't get the wrong impression here. Your gadgets will not be seized and you won't be forced to stay in isolation. The idea is to embrace nature and appreciate its magnificence. The only sounds are those of your own footsteps, the wind, rustling trees and the movements of creatures who call the wild home. A plethora of studies suggest that people who appreciate nature, and make a concious effort to spend time in it, are happier, healthier and more creative. When was the last time you looked up from your smartphone and appreciated a blooming flower? Don't think too hard. There is so much to see and do in Thekkady that will keep your compulsive texting addiction at bay. We're proud to say that staying at Tigers Roare' is as close as you can get to living in the forest because we're just a whisker away from the entrance gate of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. There’s nothing quite like being deep in a forest, but the fact is that too many of us, particularly Millennials, rarely get to experience this.
      4. Drink tea picked and dried less than 24 hours ago
        Thekkady and places nearby have plenty of tea plantations. In addition to walking among the tea leaves (it's a different kind of experience), you'll get to buy fresh tea which tastes absolutely amazing, from the many shops in the area. Our restaurant is no exception to this.
      5. Incredible views
        Well, we aren't sure if any amount of adulation will do justice to the magic nature has woven in Thekkady. It's nothing short of spectacular. Period.Periyar Lake View             Source:Flickr                                            Views like these are never boring                                                       Source:Flickr
      6. Many things to see and do 
        There are so many activities in Thekkady, it is tough to decide what to do first! From riding an elephant to patrolling the jungle to rafting in the Periyar Lake, each activity offers a magical travel experience. There are many places worth stopping by when visiting Thekkady and each is amazing in its own right. There's a selfie opportunity around every corner. We're aware of the argument on not capturing the moment, but living it instead and stuff. While it is true, a good ol' travel selfie has become a necessity, rather than a choice! (We're not passing judgement. We can't). Anyway, you'll never have to ask "What is there to do here," after reaching Thekkady.
      7. A chance to see wildlife, including the Legen-wait-for-it-dary TIGER!
        Thekkady is famous for its wildlife. The possibility of a visitor having to leave Thekkady without catching a glimpse of a wild animal is virtually unheard of. They frequently venture out into the buffer zone. For example, a boat ride on the Periyar Lake offers views of these animals on the banks of the lake. The Periyar Tiger Reserve is the only one in the country where night patrolling for tourists is allowed. Elephants, deer, sambar and many more inhabitants of the wild are out there waiting for you to watch them in awe. If you chance upon a pack of dholes or even a tiger (if it's your lucky day), do the only thing that you could possibly do in those circumstances - pull out your camera. You can always deal with the ensuing melee later!

Elephants in Thekkady Photo of a tiger in Thekkady

These are just 7 of the many reasons to visit Thekkady in 2016. On a more serious note, it is an opportunity for us to move away from the concrete jungles our lives have become confined too. Sure, these jungles may contain beautiful parks, but visiting them is not quite the same as becoming deeply immersed in the woods. With Tigers Roare' it is as close as it gets to living in the woods, both literally and figuratively. Now this doesn't imply you'll have to stay as frugal as possible for the "real forest experience." Instead you get to experience technology carefully woven into nature's fabric. We sincerely hope that after you "experience" Thekkady, you'll get a lump in your throat the next time you see a flock of birds flying in unison, a sense of love for the entire world when you find a beautiful flower and a greater perception of nature's beauty for the rest of your life. To borrow from the great wilderness explorer and environmentalist John Muir:

                      Going to the woods is going home; for I suppose we came from the woods originally.

For more details, check out our homepage for attractions and activities in Thekkady, and our blog for informative and super-fun articles like this on travel and Thekkady.                                                            For once, being like Bill is actually worth it.


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