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Jeep Safari in Thekkady

Jeep Safari in Thekkady

Jeep Safari is an activity that follows on the heels of forest trails, except that instead of clambering over rocks and narrow ledges, you get the comfort of sitting in a jeep that does the hard job for you. Or does it?

Unfortunately, due to the existence of certain laws of physics, one cannot escape the effects of traveling in a vehicle that moves across rough ground with both level surfaces and steep inclines. But "the light at the end of the tunnel" is a chance to zoom in your eyes and cameras at some of the most fascinating wildlife that walks the face of the earth. 

Thekkady always conjures up memories of unending chains of green hills that exude magnificence and elephant herds and the occasionally spotted tigers that display plain disregard for camera toting tourists (unless of course they venture too close which would be interpreted as territorial warfare in animal vernacular). A jeep safari in Thekkady through areas otherwise inaccessible by other means opens up new horizons of learning about the flora and fauna of Thekkady. In other words, a jeep safari offers new ways to say hello to mother nature.  

Tourists who jump at every opportunity to go on an off-road ride will certainly find enough to warrant frequent surges in adrenaline during the safari. The jeep crawling over rocks on treacherous steep terrain, the rich aroma of the air as the jeep passes through spice plantations or even the potential appearance of an elephant or even a tiger (yes you read that right) from out of nowhere offer new avenues of excitement. However stealthy the animals may be, being the skilled and experienced personnel they are, the drivers are adept in efficiently maneuvering the vehicle out of harm's way but still providing ample opportunities for travelers to click those priceless photos or soak in all the excitement.thekkady jeep safari review

Tigers and elephants aren't the only animals that can be seen while on a jeep safari. Troops of langurs and giant squirrels clambering up the huge trees are common sights. Jeep safari is not just limited to traveling around on a jeep. Along the predetermined route, tourists also have an opportunity to go canoeing in the lake. This opens up another aspect of exploration of Thekkady's forests and aquatic life. With so many activities on the card and the relative time that is required to complete the safari over rough terrain - the driving personnel will usually have the gas peddle floored but its a 4WD jeep and not a race car - a jeep safari may take up a day of your holiday but it's totally worth the time invested. 

Jeep Safari in Thekkady: Things to remember

Here are the things you should remember before hopping on a jeep ride through the jungle:

  1. Follow the rules. Always. These are protected areas under the Forest Department of India and the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC). So do not indulge in activities that go against the nature conservation programmes in Thekkady.
  2. Always follow and adhere to safety precautions given by the skilled personnel. They are there for a reason.
  3. Tourists are advised to be mindful of their health and participate in the safari only if they are medically cleared for such activities.
  4. Carry essentials like drinking water or medicine with you, if required
  5. If you spot wildlife during the safari, enjoy the view in peace and click photos but do not attract unwanted attention, prompting hostile behaviour from the animals.

It is easy to get overly excited when catching sight of an elephant or a tiger. They pose no harm if left undisturbed and the precautionary measures adopted by the jeep driver will ensure your safety. A word to adrenaline junkies: Never attempt to get out of the vehicle in order to get a better look at the wildlife or worse, exchange pleasantries with them.


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