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The monsoon gives a new life to Thekkady making it irresistibly beautiful. Relax, indulge, explore and go on an adventure with best monsoon attractions in Thekkady. If it’s relaxation on your mind, then take a rainy walk among the lush greenery.  If there's adventure on your mind then go on a jeep safari and watch raindrops crashing into streams. What better season than the monsoons to see the waterfalls in their full glory. Grab our great monsoon deals and make your holiday memorable.
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                            Monsoon Attractions in Thekkady 

Jeep Safari

The challenges posed by roads awash with rainwater adds another layer of excitement and adventure to a jeep safari through Thekkady’s lush green forests and overflowing streams. Tourists with a penchant for off-road drives can savor the dual benefits of catching a glimpse of Thekkady's wildlife and the excitement of monsoon rains. The jeep crawling over boulders and splashing across streams of rainwater is a refreshingly novel experience unique to Thekkady in the monsoon season.
So don’t forget to get your adventure face on and experience the ultimate thrill of jeep safari in Thekkady.


You will enjoy every minute of a trekking experience in Thekkady, especially during the monsoon. With the weather playing host, the serenity of Thekkady’s landscape and waterfalls are a real treat to the eyes and soul. The rain drenched mountains and cool rolling hills provide a completely different experience that only monsoon trekking provides. Thekkady turns stunningly green during this time of the year. The waterfalls are more beautiful than ever, with the rain blending seamlessly into the white stream cascading over the rocky outcrop. Trekking also provides a better chance to observe Thekkady’s wonderful wildlife.
From day hikes to long treks, a banquet awaits you this monsoon.


There's nothing like a boat ride on clear and calm waters, watching the splashy white trail that the boat leaves behind, and the wildlife that gather near the banks of the Periyar lake. Being the major source of water for the fauna that inhabit the Periyar Tiger Reserve, animals are frequently seen along the banks of the lake, and even more so during the monsoon season. The boat rides provide plenty of opportunities to click photographs of the beautiful vista of Thekkady made richer and sublime by the sporadic rainfall. The view of wildlife near the lake, drinking and bathing, is breathtaking. Animals are seen more near the Periyar during the monsoon which makes this time of the year perfect for observing and capturing some truly stunning photos of them.

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