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Aptly called “Land of the Wind,” Ramakkalmedu has attracted thousands to its prolific hills and panoramic views of the villages in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Winds blowing at 25 km/h will sweep you off your feet (no pun intended). A smart usage of all this wind has been a 12.5 MW wind energy farm. Situated at a staggering 3500 feet above sea level, Ramakkalmedu provides breathtaking views of seven small townships and the adjoining areas in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu.

Perhaps Ramakkalmedu owes a large part of it's fame to "Kuravan" and "Kurathi," the highest twin statue in Kerala. When visiting the place after dusk, the marvellous view of the village lights way down below in the villages of Tamil Nadu like Theni, Thevaram, Cumbum, Vaiga etc is, in all essence, a moment to be experienced. The adjoining bamboo forests are also a source of joy for travelers. The way to Ramakkalmedu is peppered with vast streches of rubber, tea, coffee and cardamom plantations to keep one's eyes trained on the visual spectacle that unfolds during the ride.

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